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Arrivederci Valentino!!!


Valentino Garavani has been designing fine fashions for the world’s elite for over 45 years, and has dressed movie stars, socialites, and royals around the world.  The Italian designer finished his incredible career this week with a final fashion show at the Musée Rodin in Paris on Wednesday, displaying his Spring/Summer 2008 haute couture line.  Supermodels, celebrities, and his loyal clients attended the show which featured his stunning red gowns.

Valentino gained worldwide fame, and became a household name, when Jackie Kennedy hired him to design her a new wardrobe following the death of her husband, President John F. Kennedy.  His couture only label was sold to HdP in 1998 for an estimated $300 million.  Valentino has been known for his flamboyant lifestyle and high living.  His presence will certainly be missed in the fashion world, but he is leaving at the top of his game.  Bravo!

The Valentino line will now be designed by former Gucci designer Alessandra Facchinetti.




weapons fit for the runway


Yes, these fashionable looking gadgets are weapons marketed for women.  The company Taser International has just introduced the C2 model of its stun gun, which comes in pink, purple, leopard print, and other designs aimed to get the attention of girls.  This controversial weapon gives out a 50,000 volt jolt that short circuits brain activity. 

This taser costs around $350 and is tiny enough to through into your purse as you would  a cell phone.  The item is causing a big stir among law enforcement professionals, who claim that these easy to obtain tasers may end up in the wrong hands.  All but 7 states allow these weapons, though most countries around the world ban civilians from using tasers. 

Tasers can be a great form of self defense for women, though it is highly suggested that the user go through training before carrying the weapon. Website Coming Soon!  is coming soon! 

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